Dry suit

2 days

With dry suits you can dive in more challenging places, as well as extend the diving season. When you wear the right gear to dive in cold water, you won’t suffer from the cold and you can enjoy diving all year long.

As a dry suit diver, you are equipped to dive some of the world’s most amazing dive spots. A dry suit is best enjoyed In the coldest regions of the planet, even in its warmer months.During the course you will acquire the knowledge and skills to dress safely, to dive, to take off and store your dry suit. We will also explain the different types of suits so that you can make an informed decision if you decide to buy a dry suit.

You’ll learn:

  • To dress appropriately in a safe way.
  • Types of dry suits.
  • Dry suit buoyancy control techniques.
  • Dry suit maintenance, storage and basic repairs.
  • Insulating underwear options.

This course will be very useful if you plan to continue your adventure in the world of diving with specialties such as diving under ice, diving in altitude or if you consider technical diving.

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