The Dive Center

We are located on the beach of the port of Portinatx, just 20 meters from the water. To get to the diving centre, go to Portinatx, 8 kilometres from San Juan de Labritja, in the north of the island of Ibiza. In Portinatx go straight through the town until the road ends on the beach of the port of Portinatx. We have a 80 square meter facility, with an office and changing rooms with 2 showers. There is also a large terrace overlooking the sea, where we rinse the diving suits and let them dry. Opposite the office, we have a booth on the beach where we have all the diving equipment and the compressor.
We have a 7,50 meter Valiant semi-rigid boat with a 250 HP engine, fully prepared for diving. Navigation time, even to our most distant diving spots, does not exceed 20 minutes. The configuration of the deck, with a comfortable central bottle rack to store all the diving equipment, with enough room to equip easily and with a ladder specially designed for divers, makes our boat the best diving option in the northern area of the island of Ibiza.
Our skipper, with great knowledge of diving, since he is also a diving instructor, will be able to respond appropriately to the situations that may arise during a dive due to his training and experience.

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