Ses Caletes shoal

Bajo de Ses Caletes

The shoal is located in front of the beautiful and quiet cove of Ses Caletes, near the hamlet of San Vicente. Its shape is elongated with walls that fall from its top at 5 meters to a depth of 24 meters where we find a sandy bottom that surrounds the entire perimeter of the shoal. Here we usually can see sand sea urchins and starfish as well as different types of anemones that live on sandy bottoms, if we sharpen our eyes we can also see some pearly razorfish swimming peacefully on the sandy surface. The lower wall has a large crack where we can find octopus and scorpionfish as well as moray eels. Following this crack we will reach the western part of the shoal where the sandy bottom rises to about 18 meters deep, flanked by rock walls with many tunnels, holes and caves. At the end of the dive we are back at the top of the shoal.

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