Las Chernas (Striped groupers)

Las Chernas
Punta Galera is located at the western end of Sa Guardiola, the island that shelters the port of Portinatx from the north winds. This natural breakwater is a more than 180 meters long rock bar with an underwater platform going about 120 meters to the west. On the side that faces Portinatx, the maximum depth is about 20 meters and on the open seaside it plunges abruptly to 40 meters. The Chernas dive is carried out on the open seaside. This dive gets its name from a large striped grouper male that can be seen at the beginning of the dive with one or two large females. This is the place where we can find more marine life than in any other spot around Portinatx. Due to its relief as well as the slight current that is usually found in the area, there are schools of barracudas, big dentex and some pelagic fish such as greater amberjack or some specimens from the tuna family.
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