Hormigas Islands

Islas Hormigas

The Hormigas Islands are two small flat blackish islets that have been eroded by the sea and are an important sign for the seafaring people in the north of the island of Ibiza. Its surface being always full of cormorants sunbathing demonstrates its great importance for the species of seabirds in the area. On the islands or near them there are several diving spots; the most common one is next to the islets on a bottom no deeper than 25 meters. It is ideal for divers of all levels. There are different landscapes where we find large rocks, arches and channels between meadows of posidonia (seagrass) where the schools of bream, barracudas and large black seabream are typical. Another of the islands’ interesting dives is the Hormigas shoal, a series of shoals located towards the open sea on a 45-meter bottom rising up to 18 meters, which makes it only suitable for experienced divers. On the shoals we can see lobsters, moray and conger eels, big schools of fish and beautiful red seafans.

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