Ses Caletes caves

Cuevas de Ses Caletes

Not as well known as the Cave of Light or the Hercules Columns, the Caves of Ses Caletes are located, as their name suggests, close to the Port de Ses Caletes, a small virgin cove near the hamlet of Sant Vicent de la Cala. During this dive we will cross several caves and rock arches, reaching a maximum depth of 25 meters. The beginning of the dive takes place at a shallow depth, almost at the surface, where we will enter the first and most spectacular cave of the tour. After the entrance we will find a short tunnel that leads to a partially roofless room more than 8 meters deep and about 20 meters long. After leaving the cave we will see two consecutive rock arches, one 14 meters and the last 23 meters deep. Then we will turn around and on our way back, this time without entering the caves, we will reach the last cave of the tour located on the eastern side of the small bay where the ship is anchored.

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