Margaritas Islands

Islas Margaritas

The Margaritas Islands are two beautiful islets located in front of the cliffs of the Pla de Corona, near the village of Santa Ines. All the dives around the two islets are beautiful: you will find many invertebrates such as nudibranchs or yellow encrusting anemones on the walls of the big island. In addition, the waters that surround the islets are home to many schools of barracudas, croakers or seabream, as well as some large groupers. What most impresses divers who come to Margaritas Islands for the first time is the colour of the water that can vary between indigo blue in the deepest parts and electric blue in the shallower parts of the island. Another attraction in the area are the numerous simple caves as well as the two arches that cross the island side by side, one of them totally submerged.

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