Island of the Seagulls

Isla de las Gaviotas

Sa Aigua Blanca, also called the Island of the Seagulls, is a small shoal that does not protrude more than a few centimetres out of the water. It is located close to the beach of the port of Portinatx. It is a perfect diving spot for beginners since the side of the shoal that faces land is very shallow, no more than 3 to 9 meters deep, with diverse landscapes such as posidonia meadows (sea grass), crystalline sandy beaches and beautiful narrow passes between rocks. The side facing the open sea has a shallow ledge and then falls abruptly to 23 meters, the maximum depth at this dive site. At the bottom we find a sandy area where it is very easy to find pearly razorfish, which will delight underwater photographers. The walls that lead us back to the surface are full of caves and holes where we can find croakers, red scorpionfish, nudibranchs and many moray eels.

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