Murada Island

Isla Murada

Located in front of San Miguel and under the high walls of Punta de Sa Creu, Murada island offers several dives characterized by beautiful seabeds as well as spectacular tunnels that pierce the wall. Divers of all levels will enjoy the special orography of the island. The northern part falls 40 meters deep where there is a wide area of ​​low and flat stones. The western side has a maximum depth of 35 meters with large pebbles and huge stones that have been falling down from the island throughout its millennial history. On the east side we usually dive to 12 meters, where there are many caves, passageways and holes, a perfect area for beginners or underwater photographers in search of backlights. We usually begin our dives around the island on the southern tip of Murada. Another dive surrounds a small islet adjacent to the island proper, which has beautiful schools of barracudas and some lobsters at its base at a depth of 38 meters.

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