Roller Coasters

Las montañas rusas

The Roller Coasters are found once we arrive at the bay of San Miguel, between the island of Caldes and the tip of s’Orenga. They are a series of shoals that rise up to 12 meters on a bottom of 30 meters. Its name comes from the radical nature of its cuts, giving the impression of being in a fairground attraction as we descend and ascend through them. It is a dive that requires previous experience, due to its great maximum depth and the scarce shallow surface found on the shoals. At the bottom we find numerous cracks and holes full of life, like lobsters, large moray eels, many different types of nudibranchs, majestic red scorpionfish, forkbeards and sometimes an occasional stingray. Its walls are home to a large number of schools of fish such as seabream, antias and bream. As we get closer to the surface we will see many small fish that are the delight of photographers and videographers.

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